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Intelligent Protection Executive Protection Services

Executive Protection Services

Clients choose Intelligent Protection International Limited because of our international expertise and distinct approach, including protective services that is supported by up-to-date intelligence. Our bodyguards are highly trained, experienced and we work with professional clients from all walks of life from around the world. Just as our firm must be right for the client, the client must be right for us - this not a one service fits all type of service.

Executive Protection Bodyguards come mainly from former Police and Military backgrounds. For our international work, our bodyguards are mostly multilingual and possess a great deal of experience with international travel. They are great communicators, facilitators and of course well versed in cultural awareness. Executive Protection is a very personal service and as such, the client and the Bodyguard must be well suited - we make great efforts to work with the client to ensure that this is the case.

How many bodyguards do you require?
The level of service that each client is provided with is very much dependent on the level of risk and threat that he or she is facing. The modus operandi must be right. The use of too much security or security deployed in the wrong way will only draw attention to the client, further increasing any existing level of risk. We are very mindful of fitting our service around the client's lifestyle, the service should be just that, and not a hindrance.

To support our clients, our services can include:

  1. Transportation and Logistics
  2. Security Reviews
  3. Intelligence and Threat Monitoring
  4. Counter Espionage and TSCM Services
  5. Travel and Cultural Advice

If you have never hired a Bodyguard before, we can walk you through the entire process. In addition to this, we would also be required to carry out a full security review and risk assessment of each individual project, prior to commencement. It is also worthwhile reading our article: How to hire a Bodyguard

VIP services at airports?

We can supply VIP services at a number of International Airports. This includes VIP Suite or Private Lounge and of course, Protection from Paparazzi.

Available only to Private Air, First-Class or Business-Class arrivals and departures

What about the cost?

Clients do need to be realistic and often have expectations managed. Close Protection (supported by logistics) in Latin America for example, is going to be expensive. However, you may only get it wrong once! What we do, is ensure that we offer value for money every time, matched with quality of service.

What about medical cover?

All of our operatives are qualified to a minimum of FPOSi, a first-aid qualification. They would also have received training during their Military Service, many to a very high level.

All of our operatives carry first aid or trauma packs as standard, with larger packs in our vehicles.