Security Trained Chauffeurs

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Security Trained Chauffeurs

“Security Trained Chauffeurs, a truly seamless service…”

Intelligent Protection International’s security trained drivers are comprised of former law enforcement or military personnel, who are trained bodyguards with a wealth of specialist security driver expertise.

Our clients comprise primarily of C-Suite Executives, Celebrities, Dignitaries and other Public Figures, who use our services to offer complete piece of mind, not only in terms of them traveling from A to B, but also to offer that level of reassurance to the client should things go wrong.

Regardless of your personal status, our professional security drivers are trained to deal with a variety of scenarios, such as: an unplanned media presence and overzealous fans, to carjacking and disgruntled members of the public on a large-scale. We can aid and assist the business executive to get safely from meeting to meeting, or guide celebrities through the swathes of adoring fans.

If we are not already the client’s primary security detail supplier, we also actively seek to create a professional relationship with that team, ensuring all movements run in a safe and smooth manner.

The level of training carried out by our drivers incorporates specialist areas to counter act:

  1. Armed Ambush
  2. Carjacking
  3. Kidnap
  4. Surveillance

And enhance driving skills, such as:

  1. Safe Driving Standards
  2. System of Car Control
  3. Personal Security Awareness
  4. Route Planning & Reconnaissance

One of our sister companies, Intelligent Training International, has carried out Defensive and Evasive Driver Training for the United Nations for a number of years and it is a real testament to the expectations and standards we look to achieve as a company.

An example of this training can be found here:

Intelligent Protection International - Training Standards


As a UK company, all of our drivers and agents are extensively checked and screened to British Standard 7858: 2012, to ensure we comply, and where possible, surpass industry standards.


Absolutely, this is not uncommon and simply enables us to add another layer of protection to your bespoke project. In addition to this, we have a panic button facility incorporated into our tracking app system to ensure simplicity for the end user.


Certainly, again, our sister company, Intelligent Training International Limited allows us to ensure our Driving Specialists are trained to the highest standards of First Aid available. We compliment this by ensuring adult and paediatric First Aid and Trauma Packs are deployed into each of our vehicles as standard.