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Special projects

“Intelligence is the power behind every Specialist Operation; insight, not hindsight!”

Intelligent Protection International Limited has the proven capability of carrying out Special Projects, ranging from armed extraction and counter intelligence to specialist risk assessments in hostile environments.

Special Forces and Intelligence Expertise
We utilize former UK and US Special Forces personnel, supported by our own intelligence capabilities. Our proven track record includes operation in the Middle East, Africa and South America, in support of our clients' goals.

Command, Control & Intelligence (2Ci)
Intelligent Protection International has a very strong 2CI capability, under the leadership of Michael Fuller MBE. Our approach and experience at Special Projects give us the edge. In short, we get things done in places others fear.

Special Projects might include:

  1. Armed Extraction
  2. Repatriation
  3. Counter Intelligence
  4. Specialist Risk Assessments

Setting an Example
In 2003, when our services were offered under our sister company, “International Intelligence Limited”, one of our teams carried out an emergency armed extraction of a legal team in Baghdad (see press page “Iraq lawyers rescued, Law Gazette, 2003”). Such tasks can be carried out with speed and in such a way we minimise risk and do not encounter any loss of life.

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