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“We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now” - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Protecting you at Sea and Ashore

Whether you are a Super Yacht owner or charter user, yachts of all sizes are often targeted off most of the world's most favoured ports, including: Caribbean, off the Florida coast, Mexico, the South Pacific region, in the Mediterranean, Singapore, Maldives, Africa, and the Arabic Sea regions including the Gulf of Suez, Oman and Yemen.

The modus operandi of modern ‘Pirates’ does not differ much from their historic forebears, which includes: kidnapping and ransom and the theft of vessels or cargo. Attacks on crew and those onboard are common place and almost all Pirate attacks include extreme violence.

Our Super Yacht Security Services are tailored to suit our clients' needs, mindful that cabin space is at a premium onboard vessels, it is not uncommon for a team to consist of one or two operatives onboard, supported by a land-based team that facilitates disembarkation for day trips and runs ashore.

Onshore services run parallel with your party’s activities, ensuring that logistics run smoothly, such as transportation, is where it should be. And of course, ensuring that reconnaissance of locations are carried out prior to arrival of your party ashore.

As with all of our Close Protection Services within the Americas, we are able to offer in support the following services:

  1. 24/7 Management Support
  2. On-vessel & Land-based Security Protection Teams
  3. Crew Security Briefs & Training

As with all of our Protective Security Services, Travel Risk Reports for onshore locations are provided by our UK-based intelligence cell and free to use as part of planning your trip. See: Travel Risk Reports

Often areas where Pirates operate cannot be easily avoided, even when transiting. Vessel owners have a duty of care to protect their crew and protecting your vessel may result in lowering your insurance premiums and will provide piece of mind when in your vessel in high risk waters.

Maritime Security Officers

Our Maritime Security Officers are all former Military or Government Service, all trained and vetted to British Standards, holding Seamans Book, Maritime Security Operative (MSO 8269) Qualification, Standards of Training Certified and Watch Keeping (STCW) and land-based teams with International Close Protection licences. All Security Officers are holders of in-date First Aid qualifications.

VIP services at airports?

We can supply VIP services at a number of International Airports. This includes VIP Suite or Private Lounge and of course, protection from paparazzi.

Available only to Private Air, First-Class or Business-Class arrivals and departures

What about the cost?

Clients do need to be realistic and often have expectations managed. Close Protection (supported by logistics) in Latin America for example, is going to be expensive. However, you may only get it wrong once! What we do, is ensure that we offer value for money every time, matched with quality of service.

What about medical cover?

All of our operatives are qualified to a minimum of FPOSi, a first-aid qualification. They would also have received training during their Military Service, many to a very high level.

All of our operatives carry first aid or trauma packs as standard, with larger packs in our vehicles.