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Executive Protection Services in Europe

Being a British-based international firm, we are highly experienced at working within Europe and at facilitating both business travel and family vacations for our clients. Many of our clients coming from the USA wish to travel to a number of European countries and to see all that Europe has to offer, including of course: Paris, Rome and London.

Every European country has different licensing requirements when it comes to Executive Close Protection. Our service approach is unique in that we have an understanding of and comply with the legal and insurance requirements to operate in Europe. Intelligent Protection International has offices in London, Paris and Geneva to support and facilitate our clients in those locations and across Europe.

Security in EuropeWe have our roots in Europe as as such, we operate across the whole Europe, and in particular specifically offer Executive Protection services in the following countries:
Bodyguard Services in Austria
Bodyguard Services in Belgium
Bodyguard Services in Croatia
Bodyguard Services in Cyprus
Bodyguard Services in France
Bodyguard Services in Germany
Bodyguard Services in Greece
Bodyguard services in the Republic of Ireland
Bodyguard Services in Italy
Bodyguard Services in Monaco
Bodyguard Services in Montenegro
Bodyguard Services in Portugal
Bodyguard Services in Russia
Bodyguard Services in Spain
Bodyguard Services in Switzerland
Bodyguard Services in the UK

To support our clients, our services can include:

  1. Transportation and Logistics
  2. Security Reviews
  3. Intelligence and Threat Monitoring
  4. Counter Espionage and TSCM services
  5. Travel and Cultural Advice

Present security situation in Europe
The threat level of terrorist activity does remain high across most of Europe. You will see increased security activity and a hightened military and police presence around vital transportation links such as airports and stations. You will also see some police check-points around some tourist attractions. Intelligent Protection International does have its own intelligence cell that monitors for incidents and provides free Travel Risk Reports for our clients. These reports are individual per Country and broken down further to City level for a number of cities. The reports include the latest security and terror-related news, live interactive mapping and emergency contact information, including Police, Embassy and Consulate. For more information, see: Travel Warnings for Europe.

Advice on transportation and logistics
Our experience is that the devil is in the detail, we can help organize local drivers and tour guides, experience and local knowledge is vital in ensuring that a visit runs smoothly. To that end, for clients using Private Aircraft or First Class we can arrange VIP services at most international airports, as well as facilitating with airport transfers and hotel check in.

Europe may share a common currency, but language, standards of driving and customer service are of course not at all the same across Europe. Where it is not suitable or practical for us to use our own personnel, we can identify local partners to work with, making certain that full due diligence is done so that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

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