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Bodyguard Services in Saint Barts

“We provide personal Security Solutions and confidence for visitors to St. Barts”

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Security and Executive Protection services in St. Barts

Intelligent Protection International Limited has been providing Bodyguard services in St. Barts for the past decade to both private clients and VIPs.

Saint Barthelemy, also commonly known as St. Barts and Saint Barth in French, is an overseas collectivity of France, and one of the rich and famous’ favourite getaway destinations in the Caribbean.

Bodyguards in Saint Barthelemy The island offers a very exclusive feel and is a stomping ground for the wealthy and celebrities looking for a hideaway haven from paparazzi and celebrity spotters. With idyllic beaches boasting crystal-clear water, lavish red-roofed villas, fine food infused by French and Caribbean gastronomy and designer boutiques lining Rue de la Republique in Gustavia, St. Barts is very much a destination for a chosen few.

St. Barts is very safe but due to the presence of wealth and the proximity with other Caribbean islands that are more dangerous, visitors are not totally sheltered from criminals. Petty theft and burglaries do happen on the island. For these reasons, a lot of our clients do call upon our executive protection services during their stay in St. Barts to ensure a stress-free vacation.

Privacy for our clients is paramount and we understand that above all else our security must be non-intrusive and in many cases family friendly. Our preferred mode of operation is to offer our clients a very low-key service, favouring a more covert approach. We very often deploy female bodyguards as chaperones for younger children and in roles for which a more-softer approach is favoured.

In support of our clients in Saint Barthelemy, we can supply the following services:

  1. Multilingual Bodyguards
  2. Chauffeur Services
  3. 24/7 Residential Security
  4. Technical Security Solutions
  5. Satellite tracking of vehicles
  6. Medical Support

Villa Security in St. Barts

Deluxe villas are numerous in Saint Barth and some are left unoccupied for parts of the year. To give peace of mind to villa owners, we provide villa security on the island that combines both home security solutions and the presence of physical security. Our residential security teams in Saint Barthelemy are made up of former military and police officers, who are also all certified in executive protection.

Yacht Security in St. Barts

St. Barts bodyguardsIn Gustavia, the capital of Saint Barthelemy, superyachts all convene yearly for the Billionaire Superyacht Showdown in the course of the Christmas holiday. Every year during this period, A-listers from all over the world anchored in Gustavia harbour for New Year’s festivities.

We provide yacht security for our clients on their stop in St. Barts so they can revel in private parties on yachts or onshore, whilst being protected by our bodyguards.

Safe Transportation in St. Barts

Whether you are going out for some food at Bonito restaurant, enjoying a cocktail at Bagatelle Cocktail bar or going to a party at Nikki Beach, our security drivers take care of your transportation on the island. All our security drivers are trained in defensive driving and are RoSPA certified.

Wedding Security in Saint Barthelemy

With a heavenly scenery, St. Barts is a dream destination to get married but security is one aspect that should not be overlooked! We offer a wedding security service in Saint Barthelemy that is discreet and professional to ensure that our clients’ big day at St. Barts does not get spoil by gate crashers, unwanted visitors, an out-of-control guest, or any paparazzi in the event of a high-profile wedding.

We are also experienced in providing security for society and celebrity weddings in St. Barts, allowing the ceremony and celebration to remain a private affair for only the guests to enjoy.

Further to this, we also provide bodyguards for island hopping honeymoons in the Caribbean and visits to St. Barts.

Security for photoshoot and filming in Saint Barthelemy

Away from the bustle and with its stunning panoramic views, it comes without surprise that St. Barts is a prime location for filming and for photo shoots. Famous movies such as Pirates of The Caribbean, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, and Lord of War have all been filmed there. The issue for film producers and photographers is to keep bypassers and overenthusiastic fans at bay to avoid having to reshoot a scene or photos and protect their stars.

At Intelligent Protection International Limited, we are used to working with film crews and photographers, providing security for photoshoots and filming to ensure that production is not disturbed and that the set is safe.

Whether you are planning a relaxing family vacation in Saint Barthelemy or heading to the Island for filming or a photoshoot, we will have a security solution to suit your requirements. If you are interested in instructing us to protect you and your family, please contact us via our main European offices: London office Tel: +44 207 4566740, via our offices in Paris Tel: +33 1 82 888340 via our Geneva office Tel: +41 22 5017275 or via email

VIP services at airports?

We can supply VIP protective services at a number of International Airports globally. These services include Bodyguards, Protection from Paparazzi, Security Chaperones and full journey management with travel security. We can also arrange security drivers, armoured cars, Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (Bug sweeps) and Protective or Counter Surveillance for onward journeys and meetings.

These VIP services are available only to Private Air, First-Class or Business-Class arrivals and departures at Airports around the world. These services are not just limited to airports though and similar VIP services can be provided at luxury yacht marinas around the world as well. Please see the link to Super Yacht security above.


Intelligent Protection International Ltd is a company with a truly global reach achieved with local dedicated offices around the world. Our full suite of services is available to clients no matter where they travel and we have the experience of working all over the world. Many of our Bodyguards are multi-lingual and are used to operating with different cultures and infrastructure. All of our global protection operations are run by a dedicated manager with round the clock support from our Intelligence and back office staff.

If you would like to discuss travel outside of the continental USA then please contact us for a confidential, no obligation discussion.


Medical concerns can be high on a client's mind when travelling abroad. All of our operatives are qualified to a minimum of First Person on the Scene Intermediate (FPOSi), a recognised British medical qualification and the standard for emergency first responders. Some of our Bodyguards have military or Police medical training and Medicine in Remote Areas (MIRA), Paediatric First Aid for children and Advanced Life Saving.

All of our operatives carry first aid or personal trauma packs as standard, larger packs including defibrillators and oxygen are carried in our vehicles and are specially customised to a clients needs (medical history, age etc.)