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Bodyguard Services for the Caribbean Islands

“Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate!” - Captain Jack Sparrow

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Bodyguard Services in the Caribbean

The Caribbean Region
Intelligent Protection International has vast experience across the islands of the Caribbean region, from the Bahamas and Exumas in the north, to the Turks and Caicos Islands to the south, with a great understanding of the culture and logistics of working in the region.

For all Bodyguards services in the Caribbean, we deploy former Military or Police, and we prefer a more covert approach to Bodyguard Services in the Caribbean Islands. This perspective is more relaxed and less agressive, attracting little unwanted attention.

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No matter what your travel involves, yacht or land-based activities, Intelligent Protection International Limited can supply Bodyguards Services in the Caribbean to secure your party and associated assets. Our experience of the Caribbean has included Royal honeymoons, family yachting holidays and business travel. Every Island is different and poses its own particular issues. Logistical planning is a concern in many areas and communication can often be an issue in itself. For vacations that are yachting or sailing in the Caribbean, see: Super Yacht Security.

Many of the islands are very poor, despite the glossy tourism image and some have crime problems including drug gang-related activity. The use of Residential Security is very important, most large properties are on gated communities and this does help with overall security. Intelligent Protection International advise on reviewing the security of any villa prior to any vacation.

Our approach is very much tailored to suit the country and our clients' activities. It is not uncommon for our clients to mix business with pleasure, or to island hop. We cater for all clients' requirements and are happy to advise on logistics or medical concerns prior to travel.

Supporting services:

  1. Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)
  2. Counter Surveillance
  3. Protective Surveillance
  4. Security Trained Drivers
  5. Intelligence Gathering
  6. Personal Medical Officers

Risk and Analysis
If you are traveling to the Caribbean and wish to have up-to-date security advice based on real-time intelligence, then please view our at-a-glance "Travel Advisory", including live security and terror-related news, live interactive mapping and emergency contact information. For more information see: Travel Advisory North America and Travel Advisory South America.

VIP services at airports?

We can supply VIP services at a number of International Airports. This includes VIP Suite or Private Lounge and of course, protection from paparazzi.

Available only to Private Air, First-Class or Business-Class arrivals and departures

What about the cost?

Logistical costs of working in the Caribbean can be a concern if villas and yachts are booked with little notice. Staffing costs for bodyguards are on par with US and European prices.

What about medical cover?

All of our operatives are qualified to a minimum of FPOSi, a medical qualification. They would also have received training during their Military Service, many to a very high level.

All of our operatives carry first aid or trauma packs as standard, with larger packs in our vehicles.